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DSL Internet for Easy Internet Connections

One of the most challenging things is to get an Internet connection. The challenges that people face are related to the surging connection charges which, even if they are not directly quoted, will still come in interns of other fees. Rendering services through hotspot Internet can be expensive especially because of the equipments that are needed to ensure that connectivity is possible.

Broadband Internet too may involve the use of extra cables which is more tiring to complete connection. With the modern day WiMAX systems, the wireless Internet links are becoming part and parcel of most providers’ goals. The enhanced speeds form the reason why more emphasis is put on the new technological methods.

However,  Cheap DSL Internet still remains a very good way to connect homes to Internet. With the existing telephone lines, users will only need a modern to make sure that they can tap Internet through their existing cables. This means that there remains little work to be done to ensure that one person can access the Internet.

The DSL method seems to be the best to help arrive at the time when cheap Internet can be provided. With DSL, your Internet will remain on, twenty four seven even when you are just using the telephone to make calls. The same high speed frequency that facilitates communication from one location to another with clients from other places can be utilized for fast and cheap Internet broadband. There are more that the normal DSL connections can do. The Digital Subscriber Line which is what DSL stands for is able to bring to you maximum benefits which you will do well to grab in the early stages.

Someone may wonder how the same telephone line can be able to handle fast or High Speed Internet, but this is very easy. The voice frequencies that are transmitted from one side to another leaves more chance to support even better speeds through DSL Internet links.

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Cheapest DSL Without Phone Service

Cheapest DSL Without Phone Service

Want the Cheapest DSL Service but don’t want to pay for a landline that you won’t use?

With many people migrating away from landline use and using their cellphones as their primary phone there is an increased demand for broadband DSL without telephone services.

If you fit into this group of people, you may be in luck, many DSL providers such as At&t and Verizon market a service referred to as dry loop or naked DSL. Dry Loop DSL still requires the copper phone lines, but doesn’t require a active landline with a dial tone.

The dry loop DSL standalone service is normally more expensive than a standard DSL connection bundled with a telephone line. However, when you factor in the savings of dropping the landline fees and taxes, it’s still a considerable savings if you want the Cheapest DSL without phone service.

You can find out if Dry Loop DSL is available in your area by entering your address in the ISP 1 Broadband Finder App.



Find DSL Providers in My Area?


DSL Modem

Is DSL Service Available In My Area?

by ISP 1 Internet Access

This is a question we are often asked at ISP 1. The answer is it depends, it depends entirely on the exact area that you live in.

Broadband DSL availability and pricing is determined by the address where you need service. You will have to enter your Zip Code and address to determine what DSL providers service your local area.

DSL is limited by the distance from the CO or telephone companies central office. The copper limits are around 15,000 feet. and this would be the actual length of the cable not the point to point distance. If your neighborhood has fiber optic this distance can be extended,

For higher DSL speeds these distances get shorter, the faster the speed the shorter the distance. A 3Mbps DSL connection would be about a maximum of 6000 feet from the CO. If you exceed these limits quality and speed will suffer.

What all of this technical jargon means is that you may be eligible for one DSL package that is not available to your next door neighbor, due to how the telephone cabling is run.

The best way to determine the exact DSL services that are offered in your area is to use the ISP 1 Internet service compare tool.

All of the broadband DSL offers in your area will show up along with high speed cable Internet and other options. You’ll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In select areas this can be 300 Mbps+. However, high end broadband plans are very expensive. You might find that a broadband Internet deal in the 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps range might satisfy your Internet service needs at a much lower cost.


Cheap DSL Providers – What You Need To Know?

Cheap DSL Providers – What You Need To Know

By Mike Jason Rogers

The community at present has a big concern for their budget. They are looking for goods or services that give them fewer expenses but have the best available services in the market. When they are preparing to get a DSL connection, what they usually consider are the costs of the packages and which of the cheap DSL service providers are reliable in their services.

Currently, cheap DSL service providers in the market are experiencing a tight competition on their plan prices. They are creating remarkable advertisements to encourage clients to choose their services instead of the others. Increasing on their internet speed equipment is one way of having an edge over their competitors. Extra offers are also provided as to even having the usual subscription charge of only $10 for a month. These are examples of marketing strategies of a company to draw clients and for them to subscribe with their services.

As the number of cheap DSL service providers increase, they are also extending their support to their subscribers by providing online support systems to guide their customers as they encounter problems with their connection and their gadgets. This service is always a part of the package starting from subscription up to the end of the contract. Other cheap DSL service providers have 24/7 online support over the phone to provide one-on-one instructions to the client to resolve the problem that they are currently experiencing. These problems can range from poor internet connection speed up to having no internet connection at all.

Problems that are encountered depend on what parts of the system are involved. Sometimes, the problem arises with the modem provided by the Internet provider. The device is what we call a DSL modem which is the most vital equipment that could carry the transmission in order to get connection to the internet. Without this device, it is not possible for a computer to detect internet connection. There is no use in accessing the Internet if this device is lacking or not set up by the DSL provider. Regularly, cheap DSL service providers include this modem in their packages. These modems are only lend to the subscribers and will be surrendered back to the DSL company once the subscriber doesn’t extend the service contract.

In addition, the DSL modem is what essentially keeps the entire connection working coming from the cheap DSL service providers. It allows communication of the computer and the telephone wall jack as well as the line. It acts as a converter who sends digital signals from the computer to the DSLAM or the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier. The DSLAM then imitates a switchboard’s function to aid the demand of information between the internet and the internet user. In this case, the nearer the user is to the DSLAM, the stronger the connection detected. That is one challenge that the internet company faces. It is when they can’t provide internet connection to all locations except to places where the signal can be detected coming from the main source.

Cheap DSL service providers are giving the maximum connection they have offered so that the subscriber would benefit from their service. They are giving their undivided support for their client because of continuous competition. But, their ultimate goal is to provide ease and console to the customers because the internet nowadays becomes the basis of everything. You can have dealings and other tasks you would like with the help of the internet.

Did you find those tips on DSL Internet helpful? To learn more about DSL Internet Providers visit our website.

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Cheap DSL Deals?

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I Found High Speed Internet Service at Great Rates With Qwest DSL

I Found High Speed Internet Service at Great Rates With Qwest DSL

By Sheila Sirentis

There was a time for me recently to make a fresh start, so I decided to make a major geographical move in my residence. Since I worked online and set my own schedule, it didn’t matter where I lived, as long as I have access to high speed internet. I wanted to make sure I had my internet service selected and scheduled for installation the day after I moved into my new home. I learned that Qwest DSL service offered very respectable download speeds at affordable rates.

For my work and personal needs, a 7 Mbps download speed was more than adequate. But Qwest was offering 12 Mbps for only $5 a month more, which was perfect for watching movies and online games. Since I didn’t want to purchase a costly television subscription because I tend to not watch tv very much, I thought it would be perfect to pay for the extra speed and just watch a couple of old movies or television shows online.

Arranging for my Qwest service was simple. I found a website that assisted me in finding internet service providers in my area. They let me check availability of the top providers in the country to see which companies offered network connections to my new zip code. I found out that both Qwest and another well-known name both offered service to my new location. I was able to compare the plans of the two companies side by side, and Qwest really seemed to be the perfect choice for me. Who wouldn’t love high speed service at these great rates!

There were no hidden fees with Qwest, which for me was important, because that’s one surprise I don’t enjoy. I was ensured I would have protection software including firewall and parental controls, plus there were no activation or installation fees. The plan that I selected included a promotion that threw in a free modem as well.

I’ve been in my new home now for almost a year. Sometimes a major move really is the best thing. The change of scenery really boosted my spirits, and I have a much slower paced lifestyle. My job is going well, and thanks to my reasonably priced internet service, I have everything I need to perform my job, handle my shopping and banking online, and do a little bit of surfing to find some entertaining things to do on the weekends. When the weather isn’t cooperating, I love to download a movie or a television show and make some popcorn.

If you need a fresh start, and don’t want to deal with surprises, you can check availability with top providers like Qwest to see what plans and promotions are availability in your new city.

Qwest DSL has speed plans that fit your budget and lifestyle. To find internet service providers in my area is a snap with the right resources.

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Cheapest Qwest DSL Deals?

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Fix DSL Internet Connection Problems Without Calling Tech Support

Fix DSL Internet Connection Problems Without Calling Tech Support

By Roberto C Sanchez

Tired of waiting on the line for a technical support representative to help you? Want to fix your Internet connection by yourself? Here are some steps to try:

1. Turn the modem and computer off for a minute and then turn them back on.

Doing this refreshes the Internet connection.

2. Make sure the modem phone wire is plugged into the jack.

Check if modem has been unplugged from the phone jack. If it’s unplugged, plug it back in.

3. Make sure the modem is not filtered.

Filters are used to block the DSL signal. If you use it on your modem, your modem won’t get the signal and you won’t be able to go online. Make sure the modem is plugged straight into either the phone jack or splitter.

4. Make sure the phones and devices plugged into your phone jacks, other than your modem, are filtered.

Filtering these devices will block the DSL signal from going into them so your modem can use the signal fully.

5. Make sure the modem is plugged into the jack it was plugged into originally at the start your Internet service.

The Internet service usually works only on one jack per household. If you plug the modem to another jack, you will likely not get Internet connection. If you want to connect to the Internet using another jack, contact your Internet service provider.

6. Turn off firewall.

Security programs update periodically and sometimes not for the better. Firewall settings may change and may keep your browser from accessing the Internet. Check if you are able to go online with your firewall disabled. If you are, change the firewall settings to allow your browser to access the Internet.

7. Scan your computer for viruses and spyware.

This is important, especially if you are getting a lot pop-up ads on your screen or your computer is acting weird (e.g., restarting by itself.) Scan the whole computer with your security program. If your computer still shows pop-ads or is still not acting like it should, contact the manufacturer of your computer or a local computer technician for assistance.

If you are still not able to go online after going through these steps and the computer is working fine, speak with your service provider’s tech support representative and follow his instructions.

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Maintaining DSL Internet Connection – 6 Tips To Keep Connected To The Internet

Maintaining DSL Internet Connection – 6 Tips To Keep Connected To The Internet

By Roberto C Sanchez

Do you keep losing your Internet connection? Want to know what you can do? Here are some tips to keep your DSL Internet connection stable:

1. Turn your modem off when you are not using it.

Turning the modem off once in a while will increase the likelihood that your connection won’t time out. It will also keep the modem from overheating.

2. Use a phone wire for your modem that is 15 feet long or less in length.

Using a phone wire for your modem that’s 15 feet long or less will allow the signal from the jack to reach your modem. If your modem won’t reach the jack when you try to use a 15 foot long wire, use a longer Ethernet cable to connect the modem to the computer. The Ethernet wire can be a maximum of 400 feet in length.

3. Don’t plug the modem into another jack.

The internet connection only works on one jack per household. If you want your internet connection to work on another jack, call your internet service provider for assistance.

4. Don’t use a filter for your modem.

A filter is used to block the DSL signal from jack. When you use it on your modem, your modem won’t get the signal. Filters are only used on phones and devices other than your modem.

5. Make sure all phones are filtered.

The filters not only keep you from hearing static on your phone, they also make sure that the internet service works.

6. When you plug new equipment and devices into phone jacks, use a filter for them.

Sometimes people will experience Internet connection problems once they install new equipment at home and plug it into a jack. This happens because they fail to use a filter for the new equipment. Examples of new equipment you may use and plug into jacks are satellite TV, fax machines and alarm systems. Make sure all devices that you plug into the jacks, other than the modem, get filtered.

If you still experience problems with your connection even after following the above, contact your service provider for assistance.

Article Source:

Digital subscriber line  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

DSL Internet Deals & Information  From ISP 1 Internet Access



Advantages of Low Cost DSL Internet Service

Advantages of Low Cost DSL Internet Service

Are you a residential Internet user?

When looking for an inexpensive Internet package choose DSL which is also known as Digital Subscriber Line Service. This high speed Internet provides monthly service packages that you can easily choose from. Although, this service is primarily designed for residential consumers, some companies are now using DSL as they expand their businesses in rural areas. DSL broadband Internet makes use of telephone transmission lines and because of a good number of local phone companies competing for customers prices are kept at bay and are very reasonable. The stiff competition among DSL Internet Service Providers forces them offer packages at a lower price.

There are different types of Internet access ranging from dial-ups, 3G wireless modems and satellite dishes. However, DSL packages are still the cheapest broadband in the market especially for the home user. DSL promises that you can use the Internet while using the phone line. Eventually, DSL broadband Internet helps home based business grow. While you begin a small Internet business which needs a phone line, DSL provides both. DSL is the Internet solution devoted to small business. DSL provides the right system for business needs. You can easily budget your expenses because it already comes with a fixed monthly charge. It is still considered inexpensive for the value of the service.

Undoubtedly, the best way to handle uploading and download jobs at home is through DSL. This is better than the usual dial-up Internet service. Check for the best DSL package deal for options and speed. Furthermore, a great advantage of a DSL Internet connection is that you can talk with someone while using the Internet. You can’t do this with a dial-up Internet connection. You don’t need to disconnect in order to be able to use the phone.

Without a doubt, installation is quick and easy. The installation in itself is not complicated and not expensive. Phone companies often offer installation within the plan. Sometimes older phone lines possibly might be incompatible with the new DSL connection. This should be the one of the least of your concerns because phone companies offer solutions by providing a new line and cable. The DSL modem itself can be connected using USB or a standard Ethernet network connection. You may also install a wireless router which enables DSL Internet on several computers.

If you are one of those who had just switched from a dial-up modem to DSL Broadband Internet, the differences are quite remarkable. You experience high rate of Internet speed from 128 kilobits/second to 1.54 megabits per second and the astonishing speed of DSL broadband make Internet use more convenient on many existing online activities such as banking and shopping. Definitely, you can now easily download your favorite songs, movies and play online games. It saves you more time which you can use for other activities. Security is not a large issue for those who are using DSL. However, if you are connecting your DSL service to a wireless router, appropriate Internet security precautions should be observed.

More information on DSL Internet from Indiana University.

More Digital Subscriber Line knowledge from Wikipedia

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High Speed Internet Bundle

High Speed Internet Bundles

Internet service providers seem to confront each transmission barrier day after day. They seem to identify loopholes in service delivery all at once. This is why you are hearing of high speed Internet bundle deals. Not so long ago, these providers were all finding ways to supply high speed Internet. Now they all seem to focus on distributing their service at the cheapest rate possible. This is what they are calling bundle deals which entails two or more services combined and sold as one affordable package.

You can find adverts aired on both offline and online media regarding the newest Internet and phone, or TV Internet Bundle. The triple connection entails Internet, phone and cable TV bundled services. Most top American Internet service providers are currently receiving increased customer attention due to these bargain package deals.

Are you looking to order these services all together? If so, you need to learn more about choosing the most convenient bundle packages.

The following 4 tips and ideas can guide you through the selection procedure.

* Do You Already Have Digital Cable TV Service? – If you do, then you just need to request the cable provider to supply your cable Internet bundle. At little to no extra cost, you can order digital phone service too. The data transmission will occur using the existing TV coaxial or fiber optic cable connection.

* Do You Use DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)? – If you do not have digital cable TV in place, DSL is your best high speed Internet bundle provider. The supply will still go through an existing telephone line. So, the distance between the ISP main office and your phone line might interfere with the speed of the connection. Other issues that might influence connectivity are the beyond your control, such as servers of your favorite sites, network congestion, outside telephone cabling and so on. DSL bundle packages are the best because they have variations such as VDSL, ADSL or HDSL.

* Do You Live In Remote Areas? – If yes, perhaps you already have a satellite TV dish installed with a clear view of the sky. Now, if you need to have Internet access too, get a satellite TV Internet bundle service from your current provider. Bundles are currently in vogue and they are for everyone who wants to pay one monthly fee for satellite TV and web access services. Most broadband high speed Internet bundle providers are currently expanding their wings to cover rural neighborhoods too. This makes satellite the most attractive option for such people.

* How Often Do You Call Beyond National Borders? – Some people have serious business or personal communications beyond national borders. They therefore require a cheap telephone Internet bundle. A good example would be a Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. The majority of these providers will offer you a digital phone Internet bundle including unlimited calls throughout America and globally. You will be capable of calling someone else’s phone from your computer at a very low rate. A digital VoIP is actually an additional service that can be optionally added to the high speed Internet bundle you already have

Where Can I Find Cheap Internet Bundles?

It is easy to find affordable Broadband DSL or high speed Cable – Internet – TV bundles at: