Cheapest DSL Without Phone Service

Cheapest DSL Without Phone Service

Want the Cheapest DSL Service but don’t want to pay for a landline that you won’t use?

With many people migrating away from landline use and using their cellphones as their primary phone there is an increased demand for broadband DSL without telephone services.

If you fit into this group of people, you may be in luck, many DSL providers such as At&t and Verizon market a service referred to as dry loop or naked DSL. Dry Loop DSL still requires the copper phone lines, but doesn’t require a active landline with a dial tone.

The dry loop DSL standalone service is normally more expensive than a standard DSL connection bundled with a telephone line. However, when you factor in the savings of dropping the landline fees and taxes, it’s still a considerable savings if you want the Cheapest DSL without phone service.

You can find out if Dry Loop DSL is available in your area by entering your address in the ISP 1 Broadband Finder App.


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