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Is DSL Service Available In My Area?

by ISP 1 Internet Access

This is a question we are often asked at ISP 1. The answer is it depends, it depends entirely on the exact area that you live in.

Broadband DSL availability and pricing is determined by the address where you need service. You will have to enter your Zip Code and address to determine what DSL providers service your local area.

DSL is limited by the distance from the CO or telephone companies central office. The copper limits are around 15,000 feet. and this would be the actual length of the cable not the point to point distance. If your neighborhood has fiber optic this distance can be extended,

For higher DSL speeds these distances get shorter, the faster the speed the shorter the distance. A 3Mbps DSL connection would be about a maximum of 6000 feet from the CO. If you exceed these limits quality and speed will suffer.

What all of this technical jargon means is that you may be eligible for one DSL package that is not available to your next door neighbor, due to how the telephone cabling is run.

The best way to determine the exact DSL services that are offered in your area is to use the ISP 1 Internet service compare tool.

All of the broadband DSL offers in your area will show up along with high speed cable Internet and other options. You’ll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In select areas this can be 300 Mbps+. However, high end broadband plans are very expensive. You might find that a broadband Internet deal in the 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps range might satisfy your Internet service needs at a much lower cost.

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  1. Hi I’m looking for cheap Internet service without a landline in my area . I live in springfield,Massachusetts

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