Fix DSL Internet Connection Problems Without Calling Tech Support

Fix DSL Internet Connection Problems Without Calling Tech Support

By Roberto C Sanchez

Tired of waiting on the line for a technical support representative to help you? Want to fix your Internet connection by yourself? Here are some steps to try:

1. Turn the modem and computer off for a minute and then turn them back on.

Doing this refreshes the Internet connection.

2. Make sure the modem phone wire is plugged into the jack.

Check if modem has been unplugged from the phone jack. If it’s unplugged, plug it back in.

3. Make sure the modem is not filtered.

Filters are used to block the DSL signal. If you use it on your modem, your modem won’t get the signal and you won’t be able to go online. Make sure the modem is plugged straight into either the phone jack or splitter.

4. Make sure the phones and devices plugged into your phone jacks, other than your modem, are filtered.

Filtering these devices will block the DSL signal from going into them so your modem can use the signal fully.

5. Make sure the modem is plugged into the jack it was plugged into originally at the start your Internet service.

The Internet service usually works only on one jack per household. If you plug the modem to another jack, you will likely not get Internet connection. If you want to connect to the Internet using another jack, contact your Internet service provider.

6. Turn off firewall.

Security programs update periodically and sometimes not for the better. Firewall settings may change and may keep your browser from accessing the Internet. Check if you are able to go online with your firewall disabled. If you are, change the firewall settings to allow your browser to access the Internet.

7. Scan your computer for viruses and spyware.

This is important, especially if you are getting a lot pop-up ads on your screen or your computer is acting weird (e.g., restarting by itself.) Scan the whole computer with your security program. If your computer still shows pop-ads or is still not acting like it should, contact the manufacturer of your computer or a local computer technician for assistance.

If you are still not able to go online after going through these steps and the computer is working fine, speak with your service provider’s tech support representative and follow his instructions.

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