I Found High Speed Internet Service at Great Rates With Qwest DSL

I Found High Speed Internet Service at Great Rates With Qwest DSL

By Sheila Sirentis

There was a time for me recently to make a fresh start, so I decided to make a major geographical move in my residence. Since I worked online and set my own schedule, it didn’t matter where I lived, as long as I have access to high speed internet. I wanted to make sure I had my internet service selected and scheduled for installation the day after I moved into my new home. I learned that Qwest DSL service offered very respectable download speeds at affordable rates.

For my work and personal needs, a 7 Mbps download speed was more than adequate. But Qwest was offering 12 Mbps for only $5 a month more, which was perfect for watching movies and online games. Since I didn’t want to purchase a costly television subscription because I tend to not watch tv very much, I thought it would be perfect to pay for the extra speed and just watch a couple of old movies or television shows online.

Arranging for my Qwest service was simple. I found a website that assisted me in finding internet service providers in my area. They let me check availability of the top providers in the country to see which companies offered network connections to my new zip code. I found out that both Qwest and another well-known name both offered service to my new location. I was able to compare the plans of the two companies side by side, and Qwest really seemed to be the perfect choice for me. Who wouldn’t love high speed service at these great rates!

There were no hidden fees with Qwest, which for me was important, because that’s one surprise I don’t enjoy. I was ensured I would have protection software including firewall and parental controls, plus there were no activation or installation fees. The plan that I selected included a promotion that threw in a free modem as well.

I’ve been in my new home now for almost a year. Sometimes a major move really is the best thing. The change of scenery really boosted my spirits, and I have a much slower paced lifestyle. My job is going well, and thanks to my reasonably priced internet service, I have everything I need to perform my job, handle my shopping and banking online, and do a little bit of surfing to find some entertaining things to do on the weekends. When the weather isn’t cooperating, I love to download a movie or a television show and make some popcorn.

If you need a fresh start, and don’t want to deal with surprises, you can check availability with top providers like Qwest to see what plans and promotions are availability in your new city.

Qwest DSL has speed plans that fit your budget and lifestyle. To find internet service providers in my area is a snap with the right resources.

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