Maintaining DSL Internet Connection – 6 Tips To Keep Connected To The Internet

Maintaining DSL Internet Connection – 6 Tips To Keep Connected To The Internet

By Roberto C Sanchez

Do you keep losing your Internet connection? Want to know what you can do? Here are some tips to keep your DSL Internet connection stable:

1. Turn your modem off when you are not using it.

Turning the modem off once in a while will increase the likelihood that your connection won’t time out. It will also keep the modem from overheating.

2. Use a phone wire for your modem that is 15 feet long or less in length.

Using a phone wire for your modem that’s 15 feet long or less will allow the signal from the jack to reach your modem. If your modem won’t reach the jack when you try to use a 15 foot long wire, use a longer Ethernet cable to connect the modem to the computer. The Ethernet wire can be a maximum of 400 feet in length.

3. Don’t plug the modem into another jack.

The internet connection only works on one jack per household. If you want your internet connection to work on another jack, call your internet service provider for assistance.

4. Don’t use a filter for your modem.

A filter is used to block the DSL signal from jack. When you use it on your modem, your modem won’t get the signal. Filters are only used on phones and devices other than your modem.

5. Make sure all phones are filtered.

The filters not only keep you from hearing static on your phone, they also make sure that the internet service works.

6. When you plug new equipment and devices into phone jacks, use a filter for them.

Sometimes people will experience Internet connection problems once they install new equipment at home and plug it into a jack. This happens because they fail to use a filter for the new equipment. Examples of new equipment you may use and plug into jacks are satellite TV, fax machines and alarm systems. Make sure all devices that you plug into the jacks, other than the modem, get filtered.

If you still experience problems with your connection even after following the above, contact your service provider for assistance.

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